Order process

Finance checks

Following an accepted quotation, you will be asked to fill out a finance application so the relevant funder can carry out a credit check, we will be notified when your proposal is completed and we will submit it to the relevant funder. For both business and personal finance applicants, most funders ask for a good to excellent credit score in order to be accepted for finance.

Processing your order

Once all relevant finance checks have been approved, we will send you an order form to be electronically signed, this can be done either from your PC, Phone or Tablet. Once we have the signed order back,your car will be ordered with the supplier. Prior to processing your order, a processing fee will be required. The amount required will be stated on your order form prior to acceptance by you. Prior to ordering, a deposit may also be required. Subsequent cancellation may result in the loss of any monies paid subject to the discretion of NewCarsOnline.co.uk.

Statutory ‘cooling-off’ period

Depending on the finance provider, you may be required to observe a statutory cooling off period of up to 14 business days. During this period you can choose to cancel your lease and personal customers will receive a full refund. The cooling off period starts when your documentation has been drafted by our administration team. Please note that the statutory cooling off period observed by finance companies applies to all vehicles regardless of make or model, and vehicles will not be delivered until the ’cooling off’ period has expired.


Once we are in receipt of all completed contracts, the dealer will arrange registration of the vehicle. Registration usually takes place after any necessary cooling off period has expired and prior to delivery.

Occasionally, vehicles may be pre-registered by the dealer. If your vehicle is pre-registered, this will be stated on your order form. If a vehicle is pre-registered, you will be entitled to the balance of the manufacturer’s warranty and roadside assistance cover. In the event that the warranty expires within the lease period, you will be liable for any repairs or breakdown costs, unless a maintenance package is purchased as part of the contract, in which case repair costs may be covered subject to the maintenance terms and conditions.

To find out more about the maintenance packages available through us, visit our VEHICLE MAINTENANCE  page. For all vehicles, whether pre-registered or not, an MOT will be required at three years from published taxation point, in line with UK law. This is at the cost of the customer.

Insuring the vehicle

You are responsible for arranging your own insurance on the car. This must be a fully comprehensive insurance policy and the hirer obtaining finance must be the main policy holder or a named driver on the insurance certificate. Proof of insurance may be required before delivery can take place. Once we have an estimated vehicle due date from the dealer, we will contact you to obtain a copy of your insurance certificate if required by the supplier.

The certificate must show your name, registration number and must be dated on or before your delivery date. This can be sent to us by: Email: customercare@newcarsonline.co.uk

Delivery of your vehicle

Once your vehicle has arrived at the dealership and all necessary checks have been completed, we will contact you to arrange delivery. Delivery can only be arranged once we are in receipt of all completed contracts and after any necessary cooling off period has expired. NewCarsOnline.co.uk will deliver your vehicle for free, depending on your location in the UK (customers in Scotland and Northern Ireland may be required to pay a delivery charge). Where possible, we will try and arrange delivery at a time and date that is convenient to you. Deliveries generally take place Monday to Friday between the hours of 09:00-17:30 and the delivery driver will aim to call when they are approximately one hour away, provided it is safe and convenient to do so.

Please note, deliveries are subject to change by the manufacturer and Leaseshop cannot be held liable for any delays caused by the manufacturer or any other circumstance outside our control.

What to expect once you have your lease car

If you have any questions about your lease throughout the term of your contract, our customer services team will be happy to assist you. You can contact the team via the details below:
Tel: 01472 563600
Email: customercare@newcarsonline.co.uk

Approximately four to six months before your leasing contract is due to expire, our renewals team will be in touch to discuss your renewals options.

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